2020 Mission
Several key forces are driving significant change in long term services and supports: aging of the baby boomers and their unique characteristics, personal choice, focus on quality, new technologies, issues in dementia, funding and reimbursement along with overall financial pressures, and last but certainly not least – workforce needs. These are the topics to tackle as we work to support the not-for-profit difference in aging services. We continue to navigate these stormy waters while maintaining our mission to serve Michigan Seniors. This year’s conference will chart the course for our mission ahead, and bring our preferred future into focus.

For more information, please contact our office at conference@leadingagemi.org. We look forward to connecting in May!


Our Keynote Speakers: 


Mallory Brown
Mallory is an impact storyteller. She travels the world to tell real-life stories of human connection. Her stories inspires others to live a passionate, generous, and global life with the power of empathy.


  Lila Lazarus
Lila is a health reporter and journalist that will empower you to speak up, challenge the status quo, have difficult conversations, and have courAGE when dealing with the aging population. She believes that it takes courage and bold moves to have growth and innovation. 
  Monica Levin
Monica shares scientifically proven nonverbal communication skills to help you become a more effective and connected leader. You will learn new ways to build trust and connect with people you serve and put them at ease by applying these new communication skills!

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